General Overview

Güçsan takes care to support inovative ideas and increase R&D investments to develop inovative and value added products. It is our main target to increase the competitive advantage of our company and our country with developing continuously innovative products,  anticipating and meeting variable customer needs. Gucsan moved R&D activites to G4 plant in 2019 to comply R&D center requirements comes from government. In the same year, we participated in the InSuit - Innovation Focused Mentorship Program, which is under the leadership of TIM, in order to make Innovation-oriented thinking into a corporate culture and add value to our future with innovative ideas.

Gaining new features to plastic parts, eliminating design uncertainties, solving process problems in the molding process, developing new solutions with calculations and analyzes, etc. topics constitute our innovative project contents in our R&D department.




► R&D Stages

→Feasibility Investigations

Before project begins, we as Gucsan try to obtain information about the applicability of the project, to increase our knowledge and to anticipate the obstacles that may arise on the basis of intellectual and industrial rights by carrying out literature and patent research.

→Reverse Engineering

We proceed innovation-oriented studies for our customers with our advanced technology laser scanning device and software. Reverse engineering studies are being accomplished on the data by obtaining point cloud data with laser scanning device on the samples to be developed here at Gucsan.



→Quick Prototyping

With quick prototyping process it is ensured that the non-conformity that may be encountered in the product development processes are predicted and the results to be obtained from the tests are predictable.

Concept Design

During conceptual design process of the product or system to be developed, it is ensured that the most suitable technologies among alternative solutions are determined and the design & development processes are grounded.

Product Design & Development

We focus on the development of functional, reliable, low-cost, quality-compliant and environmentally friendly products by considering manufacturability during the product design phase.  In product design stage, simultaneous progress of engineering and analysis studies  is ensured.

It is ensured to progress engineering and analysis studies simultaneously in the product design stage. With this way material selection, mechanical properties, molding angles and accuracy of details are solved at the design stage.  In the projects that design is created together,  we as co-designer ensure that better ideas are produced with our experience and originality. It is our main target to obtain high value added products and customer satisfaction in product development stage.



Engineering Improvements and Analysis

Engineering calculations and analysis are being performed on the designs created within the scope of project to foresee design failures and to improve & verificate product designs.

→Tool Design & Development

We develop mold designs with an innovative perspective with in the framework of low energy consumption, being free from complexity and practical, having a long working life, having a short cycle time and low cost.

Prototype Manufacturing
We proceed prototype manufacturing in accordance with the design outputs obtained during the product design and mold design processes.

→Test & Control

We apply necessary tests and control processes to identify the suitability of our developed prototype products. Depending on the test results and reports, product development stages might be resived or verified.

Collaborations with University

Our company takes care of taking steps to support University-Industry cooperation, which is one of the most important ways to turn knowledge into production. Within this scope Gucsan gets Mentorship in the Corporate Innovation Process from Marmara University and Academic Consultancy support for the R&D project from Gebze Technical University.



Idea Competition  'I Have An Idea Too ! '

Güçsan targets to involve all company employees into the innovation process with the idea suggestion contest initiated within the scope of R&D and Innovation. Suggestions that are found successful are rewarded according to the rules and conditions of the competition. Ideas with high R&D and Innovation qualities are put into practice by projecting them.




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